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I’m always happy to talk about collaborations, reviews and freelance writing commissions.

As a freelance writer based in Ely and Cambridge, I’m available for copy-writing, blog posts, product descriptions and more. Just get in touch! Check out my freelance writing page to find out more about my work.

I really enjoy the excitement and challenge of collaborative projects – so if you have an idea or want to see some examples of my work, then do get in touch at

Here are some example of my recent collaborative blog work:

The Perfect Dungarees and White Stuff comes to Ely with White Stuff

Whitestuff Madison dungaree

Wildlife spotting and a vlog with Bear Nibbles.

Cloud binoculars craft

An Arts and Crafts inspired bedroom with House of Fraser

Please get in touch at






2 thoughts on “Work with me

  1. Diane Hayes

    So glad to have found your blog. My husband was stationed at Mildenhall, so we lived in Ely from 1990-94 I’m originally from Scotland. I really miss Ely, beautiful town, the market, walks on the river. Great parks to take the kids. Even though I live in Upstate, NY, out in the countryside, I would move back to Ely in a heartbeat.

    1. marmaladepie Post author

      Thanks so much Diane! I love reading lovely comments like this – it makes it all worth it. We love meeting families stationed at Mildenhall. 🙂


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