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My Week


Last weekend was a lovely end to a busy half-term. On Saturday, the weather was good, so we devoted the day to the garden. First, we went to the garden centre and stocked up on new pots and summer plants. We also indulged in one of their delicious ploughman’s lunches before heading home with our car boot full of plants! We spent a happy afternoon planting out the first of the pots. The boys particularly enjoyed helping to create a little miniature garden each in a new pot – in which they’ve planted a sunflower, strawberry and some thyme.


Sunday was wet and cold again, but it didn’t matter as my sister, brother-in-law and niece were coming over for lunch. We did a really relaxed Sunday lunch – ham, new potatoes, salad and freshly baked bread.

We (slightly) inadvertently ordered a ginormous ham which wouldn’t fit in even our largest pan. So instead of boiling then baking it as usual, it was cooked slowly in the oven (under foil) for 4 hours. It came out absolutely beautifully, and I think we’ll carry on using this method in future! My word of the week this time has to be ham. Such was the size of it, we’re still eating it now!


For the bread, James made the sweetest miniature loaves:



For pudding we had the gloriously retro trifle – which tasted disconcertingly of bubble gum but was really very nice. I think it really needed some raspberries or strawberries in it though. Next time!


The boys really enjoyed seeing their cousin Beth, who is now five months old – that perfect age, where they can sit up and be interested in things, but can’t crawl or get into trouble yet! Despite, the wet weather, we had a great day.

Monday was the last day of the holidays. It managed not to be too gloomy, but it’s always going to be a bit flat. Tuesday morning dawned, and we all managed to get up on time – although actually leaving the house was a whole different (and very painful) thing. Hopefully things will click back into place again soon.

Tuesday was also a particularly cold and miserable day. Here’s Tom having hot chocolate and marshmallows – on the 2nd June!


On Thursday, the summer switch finally got turned on! The boys even went off to school in shorts. Will it last? Can we officially say it’s summer now? I daren’t just yet. But for now, I’m going to enjoy sandals and sunnies while I can.

Also this week, I bought into the patterned trouser thing. They’re everywhere, although the selection in Ely wasn’t great. I choose this pair from New Look, which were only £9.99 – so it won’t matter too much if they turn out to be a mistake.


I kind of like them, but they do feel a little pyjama-like. Maybe flowery ones would’ve been better? Although I guess then they’d feel even more like pyjamas. I’ve worn them out a few times this week, but I suspect they will probably become summer house-trousers.

Also this week I have been enjoying the contents of my lovely parcel from Laura of Laura’s Lovely Blog.


We were both taking part in the Bring Back Paper activity organised by Jocelyn of The Reading Residence . It’s a mail swap, designed to spread a little happiness via the post. And Laura’s wonderful parcel certainly brought a smile to my face! I’ve been enjoying using the pamper products this week in the bath, and the chocolate and wine may have vanished too. Thank you Laura! You can read all about what I send to Laura here.

So that was my week. I hope you’ve all had a good one – here’s to a sunny weekend!

The Reading Residence

Retro Trifle

At the weekend we really fancied a retro trifle – the sort of thing we remember from our childhood. No fresh fruit, garish colours and lots of sprinkles. If you fancy having a go too, here’s how to make one…

1. Use some leftover cake to line the bottom of your suitably retro bowl. We used some lemon cake. Prepare some raspberry jelly and pour it over the cake. Refrigerate for a few hours, or until just set. Lemon cake and raspberry jelly combined taste like bubblegum – which is a bit odd.


2. Cover the jelly and cake with a tin of custard. 


3. Whip some cream and spread it over the custard. Encourage your husband to match his outfit and apron to the trifle.


4. Decorate your trifle with sprinkles – the brighter the better. 

What are your favourite retro puddings? We are currently planning a chocolate trifle involving Angel Delight and Swiss Rolls.