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Retro Trifle

At the weekend we really fancied a retro trifle – the sort of thing we remember from our childhood. No fresh fruit, garish colours and lots of sprinkles. If you fancy having a go too, here’s how to make one…

1. Use some leftover cake to line the bottom of your suitably retro bowl. We used some lemon cake. Prepare some raspberry jelly and pour it over the cake. Refrigerate for a few hours, or until just set. Lemon cake and raspberry jelly combined taste like bubblegum – which is a bit odd.


2. Cover the jelly and cake with a tin of custard. 


3. Whip some cream and spread it over the custard. Encourage your husband to match his outfit and apron to the trifle.


4. Decorate your trifle with sprinkles – the brighter the better. 

What are your favourite retro puddings? We are currently planning a chocolate trifle involving Angel Delight and Swiss Rolls.