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My Week

This week has felt much less stressful than the last. James hasn’t been away, and we haven’t had too many appointments to keep. The weather’s been better too, and that always sets the tone for the week, doesn’t it? It’s not been particularly hot, but it has been sunny and that’s good enough for me!

Scented playdough

On Monday, I got creative with play dough. Tom adores the stuff – especially when it’s homemade. I thought it would be fun to play with some exciting colours and flavours this time. I used orange, lemon, peppermint and almond flavourings. Tom was thrilled when he came home from nursery and spent the whole afternoon squishing and squashing it. Keep your eyes peeled for a more detailed post coming soon!

Vintage Ladybird Art

On Tuesday, I framed these vintage Ladybird book illustrations. It really was so quick and easy – I did it while James was reading the boys their bedtime stories! And all for under £10.

Home Etc

Wednesday brought a lovely surprise. For the last month I’ve been joining in with the lovely Home Etc interiors and gardening blog hop, hosted by Jess and Caro. I was absolutely thrilled when I heard I’d been chosen as the winner of the first month! I’ve really enjoyed joining in every week so far, and it’s definitely encouraging me to be more creative. I love peeking into other people’s homes, and it’s so fun inviting people into mine. Do go and check it out – the link-up is open every Wednesday.

Old Fire House, Ely

On Thursday, James had a rare day off. We had the morning to ourselves. The sun was shining and we had a potter into town together – a very rare occurrence! We had coffee in the beautiful garden of the Old Fire Engine House – which is always such a dreamy setting. In fact, we had our low-key wedding reception there eight years ago. It was really quiet and we practically had the garden to ourselves. On such occasions you can indulge in a little fantasy of it all belonging just to you.

I also picked up this little swan in a new charity shop.


I’m a bit sad that yet another charity shop has opened in our city (they are so parasitical and impossible to shift once they’re in place – we now have seven) but this one did at least have some half decent bric-a-brac. Proper vintage things, as opposed to the usual collection of empty Waitrose potted stilton jars and ten-year-old bars of soap. It even had a whole shelf of swans (plus more spotted in the stockroom). Still, I’d rather this particular empty shop had been filled with something new and exciting. Maybe one day, it’ll be me opening my own shop – a long-held ambition.

This week I have also been wearing my new denim jacket – a spur of the moment purchase in New Look – which is perfect for this rather cool June. It’s the perfect paring with all my ditsy florals and full skirts. Bit of a bargain too at £19.99.

New Look denin jacket

On Thursday afternoon we suddenly remembered it was a school dress-up and dance day for charity on Friday. The theme? Legends. Your favourite sporting star, fictional character or the ubiquitous 100% polyester superhero. Cue last minute panicking and scrabbling around. We’re not big on superheroes in this house and the Claud the Dog costumes from Book Day weren’t quite right. Gabriel has just discovered the Harry Potter books so was keen to dress up as his new hero.

Harry Potter costume

James still had his old gown from Cambridge in the loft. We dug it out and it was perfect. In my non-Oxbridge ignorance I never knew that undergraduate gowns were special pint-sized affairs – perfect for a six-year-old! It smelt hideously musty and probably still had ancient gravy stains down it – but it had a quick go in the washing machine and survived intact. A neighbour lent us some glasses and I speed-knitted him a rather dodgy Hogwarts tie. He had a great day and now wants to change his name to Harry.

Today – Friday- James had another day off and we caught up with some mundane, but satisfying jobs. Here’s Tom having a little break whilst helping to trim our hedge…


And now it’s the weekend. Here’s to sunshine, waffles and strawberry picking….

Lizzie x

My Week


My word of the week has definitely been perseverance. Half term is very close, we are so nearly there…but there have been a few tears this week and a general lack of enthusiasm. There have also been a lot of dull appointments to keep, and an awful lot of rain and hail. I think April and May got in a muddle this year and swapped places!

The weekend was a very quiet, restful one. James had been abroad for a couple of days last week, so we were all happy to batten the hatches down and keep things simple. We had a nice lazy morning on Saturday and then the brief excitement of going along to an open day for a house we’d seen for sale. It was lovely, but not quite perfect enough to tempt us out of our comfort zone.

Afterwards, we had a little stroll along a nearby footpath and a picnic in a meadow. The above view looks almost French, don’t you think? Not too Fen-y for once – although it’s actually just about a mile and half from our house. And the cow parsley was frothing away….


Saturday was also an exciting day as my first My Little Box arrived from France. Review to appear shortly!


On Sunday we had another chilled out day. James made the most amazing homemade English muffins, which we had for brunch. I can’t quite convey how amazing these were.


I also got my paints out, more of which here.


I have also been seeking some comfort in some old favourites this week. I’ve re-watched the 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice for the first time in ages. Really glad I did. I thought it was ruined after watching it about a thousand times as a teenager. But the break has done it good.


I’ve also been re-reading Riders by Jilly Cooper. Again, it’s been a while. I think it must be the third or fourth time I’ve read it. Dear old Jillly never disappoints.

This week has also heralded the return of the Daily Mail Lego. Though it pains me deeply to hand over my 60p for that paper, it’s worth it for the Lego. In other news, James randomly decided to make some toffee apples. I’m still not sure why, but they were very nice and he didn’t make too much of mess.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and half-term holidays if you have one. We have a big adventure planned for next week which I’ll share with you soon.

Lizzie x

The Reading Residence

My week

It’s been another wet and blustery one here!

We had a really nice bank holiday weekend, despite the weather being a bit iffy. You’ve already heard about our outings to the Devil’s Dyke and the Fitzwilliam Museum here. On Sunday we saw family and enjoyed looking around the Ely Food and Drink Festival. It was incredibly busy, and they’d run out of fancy scotch eggs, but we got to have some rather delicious salt beef and drippy-but-nice ice creams.


On bank holiday Monday, the boys went for a Lego-fest at their grandparents house and James and I went for a walk at Houghton. It’s really pretty there and the cream teas (the scones are freshly made with flour from the mill) are amazing too. I then persuaded James to drive another half an hour to take me to the Cath Kidston factory shop near St Neots. I’ve been wanting to go for a while and I picked up plenty of bargains – it was great!

IMG_0791 IMG_0792

On Tuesday it was back to school for the boys. After school Tom gave us all a nasty shock when he fell off the slide in our garden and cut his head open. It is was all very scary as there was a lot of blood, but it quickly became apparent that the cut was actually quite small. We had a panicky trip to the minor injuries unit where he had his head super-glued. There followed an anxious night of checking on him, but he was absolutely fine the next day. I’d only been saying the other day that we hadn’t had many accidents. Well, now we have  – and it was scary. Minor injury units really are fantastic and we are very grateful for ours which is five minutes away.


Unfortunately on Wednesday night, poor Gabriel had a nasty bout of sickness. What is the best solution to duvets and pillows that get soaked in sick twice in one hour? I’m yet to find it. A mad dash to Tesco’s to buy new ones at midnight ensued. Of course, the next day I remembered we had some spares hidden away in a blanket box. Oh well, at least they’ll be some new spares in place for next time (if I remember). No school for 48 hours, so there was lots of Bovril on toast and Lego-building. I was particularly impressed with this castle that the invalid made in about 15 minutes…


Then on Thursday, it was Election Day. I managed to get out to vote on my own and decided to follow my heart rather than my head. I think we were all a bit surprised this morning, weren’t we? I really did think it would be a messy, close-cut thing. It all seemed a bit sad, actually – even if you don’t agree with someone, it’s never nice to see them losing their seats after many years. Three party leaders resigning in one day is pretty unusual too, isn’t it? All a bit unsettling, but life goes on…

Hopefully we’ll have an uneventful weekend now and be back on top form for Monday!

What Katy Said

My Week

It’s been a chilly one, hasn’t it? April has been such an amazingly warm and dry month, but it decided to bow out on a wet and windy note. But, as we English say: it’ll do the garden good. As long as we get a bit of sunshine for the bank holiday weekend, I’ll be happy.

I didn’t end up buying anything at the auction. The bureau went for a bit more than I wanted to pay – although it was still an absolute steal for something over 200 years old. You could never buy anything new for the same amount. But we have a lot of things we want to pay for in the garden this month, so I restrained myself. I slightly regret not buying this fire insert with some of the prettiest tiles I’ve seen in a while:


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My Week

The first warm day of the year. Saturday was a fabulously sunny day and we threw open all the windows. My back was still very bad at this point so I took things really easy – tea in bed with my new my Persephone book, and a long bath. All nice things, but much more enjoyable when you’re not in pain! While I crept around indoors, the boys and James decided to hack down a huge shrub in our garden – as usually happens when the three of them are left unsupervised in the garden. They boys turned the branches into their own castle, complete with dungeons and trapdoors, and came in at tea time grubby and happy.


My Dad’s 60th birthday party. On Sunday we drove over to my parents for lunch to celebrate. My sister, brother-in-law and new baby niece were there too, along with my grandparents. It is very rare these days for us all to be in the same place at once! Babies always steal the show and we all enjoyed cooing over Beth.




Signing up to Instagram. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but had resisted as I wasn’t entirely sure I needed another social media thing in my life. But I’ve been increasingly frustrated not to be a part of it, so decided to give it go. It makes me feel slightly old and confused, but I think I’m getting the hand of it – it’s sort of like Twitter crossed with Flickr?  I’m lizzie_woodman – hello!


I finally tidied the front room. Be gone shameful mountain of wool and piles of magazines! Wool mountain now lurking in my bedroom, but will hopefully make it into a plastic box some time this year. I have also dismantled the small telephone exchange (don’t ask) that the boys and James made a few weeks back and hidden it in a cupboard

What I’m reading. I finished Because of the Lockwoods early in the week – such an absorbing book, I’m still thinking about it now. I hate finishing something so good and always find it hard to decide what to move onto next. Usually the best thing is to find something undemanding to re-read. This week I have chosen Love Letters, part one of Joan Wyndham’s wartime diaries. It’s been a while since I read this (5 years or so?) and it’s so witty and charming – the perfect literary palate cleanser! One of my favourite bits:

‘…how can I describe him? If I was feeling romantic I should say I saw Pan, if realistic, then the most depraved long-haired Bohemian, in a blue shirt and corduroy pants, that ever drank cheap wine in the Artists’ Cafe.’

What’s not to love?


What I’ve bought. I may have ordered a little Cath Kidston skirt in their sale this week. It has tractors on it, so I had to buy it if only to please my four-year-old. I love their cute cotton skirts – this will be number 4…

Image courtesy of Cath Kidston

Lizzie x