My Little Creative Box

My Little Creative box

This is my last My Little Box and (true to form) it was a disappointment. I was rather excited about the creative theme and was expecting something special. Some paints? A bit of grown-up colouring? Even a packet of stickers would’ve been good.

It wasn’t to be, sadly, and the contents of the box were as baffling as ever.

My Little Creative Box

First out was a calico shopping bag – nice, but unremarkable. Another re-usable bag to shove under my stairs, whoopee. And – look! – more moisturiser and face wash. As if the five bottles I’d got from the previous boxes weren’t enough.

Best, and most thrilling of all, was the Tech Jewellery. Because every woman is just desperate to decorate her phone charger, isn’t she?

I’m sad my last box turned out to be a dud, but at least it confirmed that cancelling it was the right decision. I’m determined now to make the effort to use my £14.95 a month to actually treat myself to a few bits I really want. Some new mascara and lovely bubblebath – and definitely no moisturiser!




4 thoughts on “My Little Creative Box

  1. Lins @Boo & Maddie

    It just goes to show doesn’t in that in order to do a full and proper review you need to experience more than just one or two. I hope you still do a post with what you do go on and spend that money on 🙂 X

  2. Gemma @ Two Little Misters

    That does seem bizarre! Apart from the ‘Tech Jewellery’, how are you supposed to get creative with the contents of this box?! And the bag seems a little bit of a cheeky way for the company to give themselves some advertising. Enjoy planning how to spend your money on new little treats!

    1. marmaladepie Post author

      I know! It was so disappointing this month. I’m glad I’ve cancelled now as it was just too wasteful getting stuff I wouldn’t use. I can’t wait to buy some things I really want with the same money next month! x


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