#OnePerfectThing in December

Perfection often feels out of reach. But however imperfect you’re finding life, you can make an effort to find #OnePerfectThing. Something which makes you pause, smile and feel thankful.

I’m writing this post as the light fades on the last day of the year. Life has its ups and downs – but through it all the #OnePerfectThing gallery on Instagram has been a wonderful  outpost of happiness.

The seasons ebb and flow but your enthusiasm never fades. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this hashtag community in 2017!

Here are my favourites from December…

#OnePerfectThing in December

Top row, left to right: @sophiewarrensmith / @home.corner.stories / @katiebettyj

Middle row: @prats2007 / @capturebykaye / @georgia_coote

Bottom row: @happygoluckycat / @sallytangle / @mrs.a.king

A very happy new year to you all! 

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