My bank holiday manifesto

Bowl of roses

It’s been a week of two halves.

On the one hand, we’ve had the hottest weather of the year so far. We’ve unpacked our favourite summer clothes, lit our barbecues and enjoyed the happy-making feeling of warm sunshine.

But, in the background there’s been a lot of sadness too. On a personal level, I lost my much-loved grandma  – and on a collective level we’ve all been left reeling from the horrible events in Manchester. This week has had a slightly unreal quality and the Whitsun bank holiday (plus half-term) have crept up on me. Writing about fashion and days out feels trivial. It’s hard, and it’s easy to lose your desire to write.

But I woke this morning with a determination to grab the long weekend with both hands. My manifesto for the weekend is the antithesis of all the other manifestos around at the moment . It’s simple, happy and positive:

Sit on the grass with my children and chat about life, the universe and anything in between

Drink fizzy wine in my garden and watch the sun go down

Pack up at least one picnic, and aim to eat every meal outdoors

Light the barbecue at least once

Water my plants and pick my beautiful roses

Learn to use my new coffee machine

Hold hands, cuddle and make eye-contact with the people who matter most

That’s my manifesto. What’s yours?

2 thoughts on “My bank holiday manifesto


    I live in the north west, my home has beautiful views over Manchester. This week everytime I look in that direction I find myself in tears. Every day I listen to Radio Manchester and it has been a very somber station as the presenters have done there best to pull us all through.
    So glad you have rallied your thoughts enough to plan a good bank holiday weekend. Im not there yet, my heart is so heavy and sad so I can’t write my blog at the moment. I’m so glad you have though.
    Lynn x

    1. marmaladepie Post author

      Oh Lynn, it’s so hard writing when you feel sad. I can’t believe that something else horrible has happened now though. I suppose we must just keep taking comfort in the small (but important) things in life xx


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