Three things I’m loving this week

Three things I'm loving this week

Recovering from my recent surgery has certainly made me appreciate the little things. Cups of tea in bed, cat cuddles, flowers from friends and the excitement of getting new things through the post.  If you’re stuck in bed, then the sound of a parcel hitting the doormat can be the highlight of your day! schedule

The joy of new stationery

I love a good diary, and the Ban.Do I Am Very Busy Schedule is possibly the best I’ve ever owned. It shiny and pretty, but also highly practical at heart. It has enough space for lists and day-to-day planning – plus, plenty of stickers on the days I need to reward myself for getting out of bed. I ordered mine from ASOS and yes, at £20, it’s a little pricey for a diary. My purchase was to celebrate finishing an important bit of work, and I was happy to justify the price tag – however, there are also smaller notebooks and sticky notes in the range if you’d prefer to tart up your current diary. schedule

My new kindle 

I used to be a bookseller and I swore I’d never, ever, buy ebooks. But after a holiday in which I lugged four paperbacks down to the south of France, plus a highly tedious stay in hospital without my book collection, it was time to rethink. They’ll always be room in my heart for beautiful books, but from now on I’ll be reading large, heavy books on my kindle – plus the soft and goey romances I need at times, but don’t particularly want gracing my shelves. So there you go, I’ve gone over to the dark side, but I do feel quite good for it. Mine is a Kindle Paperwhite with a pink case.

Kindle paper white with pink case

The little bit of luxury 

I was lucky enough to be treated to a gorgeous gift-by-post by Liza and Markus, the co-creators of Postboxed. Their clever little gift boxes are designed to fit through letter boxes – perfect when you need to send a present by post. It’s a great time-saver, especially when you’ve left things till the last-minute. They pack everything up beautifully and send it with a message to your chosen address.

Postboxed signature gift box for women

It’s amazing how many lovely things they can fit in such a slim little parcel. I received the Signature Gift Box, which includes a notebook, earrings and chocolate – but there are options to suit men, women and children, plus every budget and personality. I’ve already ordered another one for a birthday present and will be back again for future gifts.

Postboxed signature gift box for women

What have you been loving this week?

Disclosure: I was sent the Postboxed gift box to review for free, but I will only ever recommend products that I genuinely like and enjoy. 

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