Simple September pleasures

Simple September pleasures: orange flowers

I love stepping through the gates of autumn. The nights are darker and colder, yet the days are still tinged with warmth. With every step I take my eye fastens upon some new delight – red berries, shiny conkers or a sparkling spider’s web.

The arrival of autumn brings a special kind of comforting joy. Whether you live in the town or country, a flat or a house, you can indulge in these simple pleasures…

Crumble for tea 

Simple September pleasures: crumble

Whether it’s apple, plum, blackberry, or all three, crumble were made for September. I like to keep things simple: plain fruit on the bottom and a simple mixture on top of 100g of self-raising flour, plus 50g of both butter and sugar.

Gather nature’s bounty 

Gathering cobnuts

You don’t have to live in the countryside to make the most of nature’s bounty in September. Gather some cobnuts or apples from a friend’s tree, or pick blackberries in a local park. It’s so easy and satisfying to forage for delicious, free food – always carry a bag in your pocket in case you spot something when you’re out and about. Open up your eyes to what’s around you and you’ll be amazed what you find.

Enjoy homemade jam 

Enjoy homemade jam

Another classic autumn activity. My favourite preserve to make in September is blackberry jelly, although I don’t always have the time. This year I’m going to take pleasure in eating other people’s homemade jam instead. My mum always gives me lots, plus I’ll be keeping an eye out for roadside stalls.

Make friends with an old jumper 

Simple September pleasures

On chillier September days, I love reacquainting myself with my favourite jumpers. They’re like old friends and I’m always so happy to see them again.

Create a cosy corner in your home

Cosy cat

Take a little time to curate a corner of your home with your favourite blankets and cushions. Make it the perfect spot for a morning coffee or an afternoon cup of tea.

What are your favourite September pleasures?

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