Get your taste buds in a twist with NEW Super Sour Yoyos from BEAR!

Super Sour BEAR Yo You

This year we’re part of BEAR’s Happy by Nature team. So far, it’s been a blast. My boys have loved BEAR goodies ever since they were toddlers – especially the pure fruit Yoyos. So being part of the team is basically their most favourite job in the whole world, and mine too.

There was much excitement when we opened our latest delivery from The BEAR Cave – a box full of new Super Sour Yoyos. The little fruit rolls have gone psychedelic!

BEAR sent us a fun roulette wheel to play with, which we set up for some after school fun. We mixed up original pure fruit Yoyos with the new super sour versions for a bit of tongue-twisting fun.

Bear super sour fruit Yo You

We love the flavour of the normal Yoyos, but these are something else! Super zingy, in an excitingly fruity way.

After the first taste my eight-year-old announced that these are the best things BEAR have EVER made. That’s high praise indeed, BEAR. They both then proceeded to cheat so the arrow only landed on the super sour ones!

Usually when my children like something like this, it’s full of nasties. As you’d expect, this isn’t the case with BEAR’s Super Sour Yo-Yos. They are just the same as non sour Yoyos, just whole fruit and veg gently baked with no added sugar – but this time with the clever addition of a hefty squeeze of lemon. Each one contains the same natural sugars as an apple, are one of your five a day and are packed full of natural fibre. They get something yummy as a treat, and I don’t have to feel guilty.

They’re a super-cool snack to take on a day out. The flavour and packaging are really ace, particularly for slightly older children who relish trying new things.

BEAR Super sour fruit Yo You

They’re also perfect for introducing your little toddler cubs to exciting new tastes. I’ve always found young children really like sour fruits like lemons – give it go, you’ll be surprised.

And you know what else is great? They’ve still got collector’s cards in them, this year they’re all about BEAR’s Super Secret Spy Adventures!

BEAR super sour Yo You

Again, perfect for my busy little BEARS, who are already eagerly collecting their ‘bearcodes’ to send off to Agent BEAR for a free Spy Kit.

You can find out more about Agent BEAR and his Super Sour Yoyos here.

 This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with BEAR


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