Creating new traditions with a Christmas Eve Box

A Christmas Eve Box

We all have our own Christmas traditions. Some are the ones we’ve inherited from the people we love. Others are ones that we’ve created for ourselves. 

I’ve always loved the thrill and excitement of Christmas Eve. In our house it’s a happy, low-key day – full of the scents of baking and the sound of carols on the radio. And we never forget to leave a mince pie and glass of sherry for Father Christmas out at bedtime – plus a carrot for Rudolph.

This year I’d like to add a new tradition – the Christmas Eve box. This is an idea which floated into my consciousness a few years ago. I think it’s an American thing, but I can’t be sure. The concept is to fill a box with special treats for the night before Christmas. I like the idea and it’s a new tradition which can continue even as the boys get older.

White Stuff: Stuff & Wonder Children's range

So, what’s going in our Christmas Eve box?

The most important thing is a pair of new festive pyjamas. This year, I’m rather excited that one of my favourite brands, White Stuff, have launched a new range of children’s nightwear in time for Christmas. It’s a gorgeous range with lots of mix and match pieces for boys and girls. The boys look very dapper in theirs.

White Stuff: Stuff & Wonder Children's range

Next in the box goes a new Christmas children’s book. This is one of our family traditions anyway, but I love the idea of presenting it like this. I always lean towards traditional choices and this year have invested in a beautiful hardback copy of One Christmas Wish by Katherine Rundell. It’s illustrated by one of my favourite artists, Emily Sutton and it’s the perfect choice for a cosy evening by the fire.

A Christmas Eve Box

And you must have some special hot chocolate. We always take our boys out for a walk before bedtime on Christmas Eve. A big mug of hot chocolate is the perfect way to warm up when they get home. This hot chocolate gingerbread spoon (available from Oxfam) is perfect!

White Stuff: Stuff & Wonder Children's range

And last but not least, I’ve put in some new ornaments for the tree. Because you can never have too many, can you? This year I’m loving bright, vintage-inspired decorations.

A Christmas Eve Box

I’d love to hear more about your favourite festive traditions. Do you make a Christmas Eve box too?

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