Vintage art for under £10


Have you ever come across these vintage Ladybird books about the seasons?



We have a set and the boys love to look at them. I absolutely adore the illustrations and it seemed a shame that they were shut away on the bookshelf. I always thought they’d look beautiful framed. I’ve been tracking down some duplicate copies on eBay (they’re pretty cheap) and this week I finally got round to framing the first book!

I decided to start with Autumn, which is one of my favourites. I bought this simple, inexpensive, frame from Wilko’s for £8. The five mounts were a little smaller than the illustrations, but it seemed worth a try.


Now, I have to say that as I book-lover I found it really, really hard to break the book up. Even though I knew I had another copy, it felt so wrong!


I separated the illustrations carefully and secured them behind the mount with a little masking tape. Each picture needed careful placing to ensure the best crop – but they all worked surprisingly well.


I absolutely love the finished result and can’t wait to hang it on the wall.

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8 thoughts on “Vintage art for under £10

  1. rmwk100

    “What to look for in Winter” was my absolute favourite. I simply escaped to, and lived in, its pages, especially the illustrations. XXX

    1. marmaladepie

      I still feel so guilty about it! I used to be a bookseller, and it feels so wrong to destroy a perfectly good book. But I do love my new picture, so there you are. Doing this blog has made me finally get on with doing things – I have been more creative in the last six months, than in the previous six years! I think it’s also down to finally moving out of the tired fog of bringing up little children… x

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  3. mummyofboygirltwins

    Oh it looks lovely and I adore this idea! In fact, I might steal it for the children’s bedrooms and get some classics! Thanks for sharing, you know we love your posts and congrats on winning the best monthly post 🙂 Jess x #HomeEtc


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