Autumn at HomeSense

Autumn home

We’re fast approaching the August bank holiday and already my thoughts are turning to Autumn. The harvest has started round here, and everything is taking on that warm, golden hue of late summer. Although we’re still out in the garden, my imagination is turning itself back towards the house.

The fun and frivolity of summer is fading and I’m hankering for scrubbed wooden tables and calm, neutral tones. Cosy blankets and simple pottery. Slowly, some new pieces are creeping their way in – a new kitchen table, scented candles, pictures.

Last weekend, James and I had some rare time to ourselves in Cambridge. I called into HomeSense while we were there, to look for a little inspiration. I spent ages looking, and fell in love with a lot of pieces which felt just right for now. Pretty, pastel Le Crueset ceramic ware was particularly tempting.

Image courtesy of HomeSense

Image courtesy of HomeSense

As were the rows and rows of shiny new jam jars and preserving pans – just waiting for some blackberry jam. And if jam isn’t your thing, then the piles of beautiful, crisp new notebooks were equally irresistible.

They all appealed to my Autumnal mood, but then I found my lucky find. There’s always one, every time I visit. While walking round the cushions, a familiar weave caught my eye. There it was sitting there – all on it’s own – a beautiful wool cushion from traditional Welsh woollen mill, Melin Tregwynt. At nearly half it’s original price.

Autumn with HomeSense

Every year we go on holiday to north Pembrokeshire and stay just round the corner from the Melin Tregwynt mill. It’s a beautiful spot – one of our favourites. We like to drink coffee there, eat ice-cream and then wander to the nearby beach. When we visit, the boys enjoy looking at the old water wheel, while I sneak into the shop and choose a little piece of Welsh design to take home with me.

The water wheel at Melin Tregwynt

The water wheel at Melin Tregwynt

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled upon a bit of this Welsh loveliness in the middle of Cambridge. I fell in love, there and then, and it was coming home with me. Is is possible to be romantic about a cushion? If you’re me – then, yes, it is.

Autumn Home

Our sitting room has been looking a little tired and unloved lately. It’s definitely more of an Autumnal room, and my new cushion has really lifted one of my favourite corners. I spent a whole afternoon cleaning in there, and everything now has a sense of order and there’s a soothing scent of beeswax polish. It’s where I’ll be sitting from now on, a new notebook and tea to hand – ready to dream about the excitement and ideas that a change in the seasons always brings.

Notebook and tea

Cushion (£29.99) and notebook (£2.99) both by HomeSense.

I was kindly sent a HomeSense gift card, but all ideas and words are my own. 

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  1. a touch of domesticity / katie sparrow

    Hi Lizzie! I thought that was beautifully written. After the damp squib of an August we’ve been having, I didn’t think anything could make me want autumn to hurry up (despite the fact that I love it), and you have! The texture on your new cushion is beautiful and you’re right, it really does lift that corner of your lounge. I like the yellow circly one next to it too. Is it Habitat? I’ll tell you something else I never thought a blog post would make me want to do – go and do the dusting! But yours has done that too! xx


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