What to pack for British holiday

What to pack for a British holiday

I refuse to call it a staycation. Surely that would imply staying at home? Holidaying in Britain is every bit as exiting as going abroad – so much variety packed into one island. But packing for a British holiday does present its own set of rules.

The good old British weather presents a bit of challenge. You never know what you’re going to get. So it’s tempting to pack everything, including the kitchen sink.

Here are my top essentials for a British holiday wardrobe:

A raincoat and wellies…do you want to risk a British holiday without either of these items? You could probably get away without the wellies if you’re city-bound, but the raincoat is non-negotiable. If you need to keep things light, get a packable rain coat in a bag.

A warm jumper and jeans… you’ll want some summery clothes too, but you’ll inevitably need to layer things up with a warm jumper. I’m always surprised by the temperature differences within our little island – you’re never going to regret popping a pair of jeans in.

A breton tee… a classic, you don’t won’t to be without one of these. They’re a staple and go with everything.

A scarf or two… brilliant for adding an extra layer of warmth on the beach…or shielding yourself from the sun. A couple of different scarves also interest to your limited wardrobe.

Suncream and hats… the funny thing about British holidays is that no matter how miserable the weather might be, I always seem to end up with a sunburnt face – especially if we’re by the sea. It’s tempting to think you won’t need a hat or suncream, but don’t be fooled!

One pair of pretty shoes and one pair of sensible shoes… for me, this translates into nice sandals and walking shoes. I don’t think I’ve ever worn more than two different types of shoe on a British holiday…unless you count the wellies!

A sense of humour! Don’t forget to put this in, along with your flask of coffee and your thermal underwear.

Jumper by White Stuff (past season), Breton by Boden (similar here), flask and scarf from Marmalade Pie. 

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4 thoughts on “What to pack for British holiday

  1. Fionnuala Three Sons Later

    Brilliant list Lizzie. That is much the same as my Irish packing list. . . Scarves are essential, doubling as a wrap for the beach IF the weather ends up good and can be used to shield a baby in a pushchair from wind or sun too.
    I always bring a swimsuit too just in case.


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