Brands revisited: Mango

Mango autumn jumper and bag

Certain outfits remind of you a particular time in your life, don’t they? The last thing I bought from Mango was a denim blazer adorned with appliquéd leaves in 2003. I was at uni at the time and wearing fancy, spangly denim (while dancing to Justin Timberlake) was bit of a thing. Since then, Mango has remained off my radar. 

Until now. Strangely, I’d assumed that things would still be the same. But, wow, I was so pleasantly surprised. The collections are simple, unfussy and affordable. I’ve rather gone off Zara lately, and Mango reminds me of all the things I’d loved about it – a good mix of frivolous fashion with a classic backbone – all at a great price.

There isn’t a Mango store near me, so I ordered online. What caught my eye?

The simple elegance of this grey jumper with a funnel neck (£19.99). 

Mango autumn jumper and bag

And the easy style of this little bag (£17.99). It’s not real leather, but it feels really nice. 

Oxblood handbag by Mango

There was plenty more that I liked too. Here are my highlights. They’re all simple easy-to-wear pieces that will effortlessly update your wardrobe this autumn. 

Mango A/W17

Classic knitwear, coats and handbags

Olive jumper, £19.99 / Shopper, £39.99 / Wool Coat, £79.99 / Tassel Jumper, £35.99

So, welcome back to my wardrobe Mango. Let’s not wait another 14 years next time!



3 thoughts on “Brands revisited: Mango

  1. Helen

    I love Mango and Zara too Lizzie. I agree they’re affordable and stylish. My husband is not going to like me following your blog… I can feel a little shop coming on! Have a lovely weekend x


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