A denim shirt, two ways

Denim shirt

A couple of months ago I bought a simple denim shirt on an impulse. I’ve never owned one before, but it’s quickly become a firm favourite that I’m always reaching for. It’s the perfect addition to a mid-winter wardrobe – a time when you don’t want to spend too much, but really want to brighten up some old favourites. Here’s how I like to wear mine…

With a chunky knit and dark skinny jeans

Denim shirt, chunky knit and skinny jeans

Probably the reason why it’s taken me so long to wear a denim shirt is my ingrained fear of double denim – beyond the pale, I used to think. But actually, it’s fine as long as your shirt is a mid-blue and your jeans are very dark navy. Not even a hint of Dolly Parton. Break up the denim with a chunky jumper or cardigan.

Underneath a dress

Denim shirt underneath a dress

A denim shirt completely changes the whole look of a dress. I love dresses, but they can sometimes feel a little formal. The addition of simple, androgynous denim adds a completely new dimension – which I love.

What I wore:

Denim shirt, £17.99 by New Look. This design is almost sold out now, but they now have this shirt, which is very similar and is available in either light or dark denim.

Jeans, £14.99 by Peacocks. I need to buy some more of these high-waisted jeans as they are absurdly comfortable and great value!

Dress, past season Boden, but this corduroy dress from Seasalt is a similar shape. If you love the squirrels though, then it’s worth searching for ‘Boden Hartland squirrel dress’ on eBay as there will almost certainly be one on there.

Jumper, past-season White Stuff, but this one is very similar.

Do you love denim shirts as much as me? 

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6 thoughts on “A denim shirt, two ways

  1. Catherine@pushingthemoon

    I have been petrified of double denim since I made the mistake of wearing it in my early twenties. Looked awful! Eek!

    I’ve been considering a denim shirt for a while as they seem so nice and warm, but as someone is very top heavy (think Dolly Parton but with Jabba the Hutt’a waistline) it may not be a good idea. Xxx

    1. marmaladepie Post author

      Oh Catherine, this did make me laugh! I wouldn’t mind a bit more of the Dolly Parton if I’m honest x

    1. marmaladepie Post author

      Oh no, I hope you find one soon – I really can’t live without mine! I looked at the different New Look one in their store the other day and it’s lovely and soft, like mine. Was tempted to get another but I can’t quite justify buying multiples! x


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