Simple no-sew lavender bags

Simple no sew lavender bags

My favourite kind of crafts are simple ones. Minimal preparation and skill are good. No mess is even better.

I got the idea for these no-sew lavender bags from my son’s school. They’re definitely simple. They’re also really useful – lavender not only smells lovely, it protects your clothes from moths too.

Simple no sew lavender bags

Here’s what you need to do… 

Cut out some circles of fabric. I drew round a small plate with a diameter of 16cm for mine. Use pinking shears if you have them as this will stop the fabric fraying, but don’t worry if you can’t.

Place about a dessert spoon of dried lavender on each circle, then bring the fabric together in a bunch and secure with some ribbon. You can leave the ends of your ribbon long and tie them into a hanging loop if you like.

Simple no sew lavender bags

And that’s it. A little lavender bag for your wardrobe or drawers in five minutes.

I bought a huge bag of lavender from Norfolk Lavender, and all fabrics were scraps from other projects. You could re-use old fabric, or even use the feet off an old pair of tights (although, naturally, this won’t look so pretty!).

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16 thoughts on “Simple no-sew lavender bags

  1. Jennifer

    They are gorgeous, so simple and so pretty! I love making lavender bags, in our old house we had huge lavender bushes all around the front garden and I was so sad to leave them behind, I harvested loads before we left!

    1. marmaladepie Post author

      Thanks Jennifer! I would love to have more lavender in my garden, I must get on and plant some!

  2. Louisa

    This is such a clever idea, ideal for the kids to make as gifts for the grandparents. I’ve got a few lavender plants in the garden that I’m hoping to use later in the year but for now I shall have to buy some pre dried (that’s no hardship 😉 ) #homeetc

    1. marmaladepie Post author

      Thanks Emma! The children at my son’s school made these at a seventeenth century day and they all loved it!


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