Halloween crafts

Making Pom Poms

My boys love an excuse to decorate the house. We’re not heavily into Halloween, but we do like a few simple spooky decorations. I really hate buying all the cheap plastic stuff, so most years we make a few things. Here are some seriously simple and thrifty ideas for you and your children.

Pom-Pom Pumpkins

Pom pom pumpkin

Buy some suitably neon wool and make a medium sized pom-pom. Cut out some little triangles of black felt and some scraps of green, and let your children loose with the PVA glue. I left a long hanging thread so we can hang them up.

Pom-Pom String 

Pom Pom String

You can tell by now that we love our pom-pom makers. Make lots of little ones in spooky colours (we used black and orange) and thread them onto a long piece of wool. This takes a while, but looks so good!

Spooky bunting 

Halloween bunting

This is slightly trickier – one for grown-ups or older children. Make some simple templates and cut out one piece of felt. Pin this onto another, larger, piece of felt and sew round the design in running stitch. Add a few details with your stitching.

Halloween felt garland

Now cut round your design. This is so much simpler than trying to sew together two shapes!


Once you’ve finished all your designs, sew (or glue) them onto a piece of matching ribbon.

If you want to make a simpler version with no sewing involved, you could just cut and out different shapes and use glue to decorate them. My son made this simple no-sew ghost…


Have fun!

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