Magic Potions

Magic fairy potions

The boys both enjoy playing with coloured water at school, so we thought we’d have some summer-holiday fun making magic potions. It’s really fun and not too messy if you do it outside in the garden!

You will need plastic bottles of various sizes. Jam jars look wonderful, but glass plus children is not for the faint hearted, so is best avoided. Best to stick to old travel size shampoo bottles or drinks bottles. If you have any plastic cauldrons left over from Halloween, even better! Fill the bottles with water then dye it with a few drops of paint. We used some watercolours – you don’t need much.

Magic Potions

Have fun naming all your different ingredients and writing out a magic spell. We had (left to right) sea water, unicorn juice, sloth’s spit (my six-year-old came with that one!), jaguar juice, mineral crystals and precious nectar!

We took everything out onto the grass with some plastic measuring jugs and created some magic…

Magic Potions


We also found lots of special ingredients for the potions in the garden – such as fairy hats (red and white petunias) and green caterpillars (grass). The finishing touch was a good sprinkling of glitter!

This was such fun and the boys really got into it. While we were making them it suddenly got incredibly windy and dark and we realised we’d accidentally made a storm spell. Magic!

Magic potion making for kids


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13 thoughts on “Magic Potions

  1. Tracey @ mummyshire

    This is a fabulous thing to do, mine did a similar thing recently and towards the end most things were a browny greeny colour with a few feathers and glitter mixed in
    Lots of fun, preferably played outdoors! Isn’t summer great?!! Xx

  2. Coombe Mill

    What a fab idea, I bet the boys loved making potions in the garden. Their faces are so full of excitement as they’re collecting all their ingredients, it’s great that their imagination was working full time. We made some fairy food here recently and it wasn’t complete until we added the magical glitter, it really makes it seem special. I love that the boys thought they’d made a Storm Spell too, maybed next time it can be a summery one! Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

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