A mini masterpiece


On my last visit to Ikea I bought a really lovely, square frame. Buying frames in Ikea always seems like such a good idea – until you get them home and realise that literally nothing is the right shape to fit in them. I love Ikea, but why does everything have to be so awkward and non-standard?

After failing to either find anything to go in it, or bother to cut a piece of mount board to a more suitable shape, it’s been gathering dust on our landing for the last six months. Finally, though, an idea popped into my head – why not get the boys to make something to go inside it?


So, last weekend I bought a piece of watercolour paper and let the boys loose with some paints. We all love the north Pembrokeshire coast, and the boys took this as their inspiration (with a little bit of guidance from us!).


They used sponges and big brushes to paint the rocks, sea and sky that we love so much. There were a few tense moments of disagreement between them (mainly about rock sizes) but they worked together really well.




So there you have it – a lovely little masterpiece for less than the cost of the frame.

And that’s my word of the week – masterpiece.

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15 thoughts on “A mini masterpiece

  1. Dean B

    That is beautiful! And I know what you mean about Ikea frames. I’ve had frames left unused too because of their weird sizing 😉 #wotw.

  2. mummyofboygirltwins

    It’s beautiful and so personal too! Your mini artists are brilliant! Might try this with mine this Summer and get them to do some art for their playroom 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with #HomeEtc

    Jess xx

  3. Stephanie

    How fab! And I bet they had fun creating it too – and you’ll get to treasure it and show it to their girlfriends when they’re older!! 🙂 #homeetc


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