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What we really eat #7

Welcome to another week of Monday-Friday family meals. Each week, I like to share what we really eat as a busy family with young children…

Monday: Salami, pickle and swiss cheese

Very hungry caterpillar dinner

Today was a slightly unusual dinner. I was doing a Hungry Caterpillar day with the boys and we ate this as a first course. I think we had pizza afterwards, although the memory has faded and all I remember is this.

Tuesday: Tuna pasta

Tuna pasta

James was in Germany, and we’d had a busy day at my parent’s house. We got back late, and I made this store-cupboard meal which was always a childhood favourite of mine. Cook wholewheat pasta, then combine with tomato ketchup, a tin of tuna and some grated cheese. I put some of my granddad’s spring onions in mine too.  It’s the perfect comfort food!

Wednesday: Steak pie and mash

Steak pie and mash

Pie not made by me, alas! This was actually a pretty decent shop-bought Tesco Finest pie. Everyone ate it, although Tom always complains that beef gets stuck in his teeth. You can’t please everyone…

Thursday: Bacon and Eggs


James was at home today, and we had a busy day of garden DIY until rain stopped play. We then headed over to our local soft play, then on to the garden centre. We got back late (love the summer holidays) and needed an easy meal. You can’t beat bacon and eggs. The toasted homemade sourdough was pretty great too.

Friday: Spaghetti Bolognese

spaghetti bolognese

Not the prettiest photo, but this is my homemade Bolognese with wholewheat spaghetti. I like to put in carrots, celery, onions, tinned tomatoes and sometimes red peppers. Along with an Oxo cube. We have now permanently switched to wholewheat pasta and can’t tell the difference. The same cannot be said of rice, and we’re back on the white basmati again.

What have your favourite meals been this week?




What we really eat #6

Monday: Pizza and chips

pizza and chips

As you may have noticed from previous posts, Mondays are never a very inspiring day for us food-wise. The one concession to healthy eating were the lovely green beans, bought from a little honesty stall near our house. Even Tom managed to eat a few!

Tuesday: Pasta carbonara


This was a quick pasta dish as Gabriel was having his first violin lesson at 6pm. It’s very simple – fried bacon, eggs and parmesan. The egg and parmesan mixture gets tossed through the piping hot, cooked pasta – it’s very quick and easy.

Wednesday: Sausage and mash


The weather’s turned all horrible and chilly lately, so we needed some comfort food. I like to roast a red onion in with our sausages which makes it a bit more exciting for the grown-ups!

Thursday: Salmon and pilaf


This was a cold, smoked salmon filet served with the Leon pilaf. The salmon filets are great to keep in the fridge for an easy meal and the boys really love them. The pilaf worked out really well again.

Friday: Fish and Chips


The weather was hideously wet, but brave James cycled through the deluge to bring us fish and chips for tea! Yes, those really are mushy peas!

This week was definitely more colourful than last week

What we really eat #5

Welcome to back to my occasional series which should really be called: What we really eat on the days when I remember to get out my camera. 

Monday: Pizza and chips

Pizza and chips

Plus some fish fingers for Tom. What can I say? It’s not amazing is it. James was away and we needed an easy meal.

Tuesday: Sausages with pilaf

Sausages and pilaff

This was a new recipe from the Leon book of One Pot meals. It was really delicious, and very easy! Perfect with sausages and salad. I’ll definitely be making this again.

Wednesday: Tomato Pasta Bake

This is the one meal I forgot to take a photo of, but it’s basically the same one we have every week: jar of sauce mixed with dry pasta with extra water added and baked in the oven. We had it with some cabbage, which the boys the boys thought was disgusting as usual.

Thursday: Bacon and eggs

Bacon and eggs

We’d had a fun day relaxing in the garden with my baby niece and I didn’t feel like cooking. The fridge was also a bit barren. All that was left was this packet of bacon. Not very imaginative or healthy. But we did eat some watermelon for pudding, honest!

Friday: Fish and Chips

Fish and chips

Today felt a bit like the last day of term, and it very nearly was. We celebrated with fish, chips, battered sausages and mushy peas from the chip shop. And Pimm’s, of course! We ate them in our deckchairs on the lawn – bliss.

Clearly last week’s cookery was not my finest hour. Hopefully we’ll fare better next time!

What we really eat #3

Hello! Thanks to the Easter holidays, it’s been a few weeks since my last post in this series. Last week the post-holiday slump hit us and we’ve all been really tired. It’s been hard to motivate myself to cook healthy meals and I would have loved for someone to come and cook for me! Here’s what we had last week for our weekday dinners…

Monday: Fish Fingers and pittas


Not the most exciting meal tonight – the pittas were a bit dry and dull for the adults in the house. My children – who have a weird liking for dry, bland food – were delighted by the simplicity.

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What we really eat #2

Following on from last week, here’s another honest post about what we really eat for those mad Monday-Friday family mealtimes.

Monday: Chicken Stir-fry


I don’t own a proper wok, but I can make a fairly decent stir-fry using my heavy cast iron frying pan. This was a simple mix of chicken breast, garlic, ginger, onions and lots of colourful vegetables. I ate mine with noodles and everyone else had rice. The boys did ok with this, certainly better than they used to, and no one complained about the garlic and ginger. The chicken was popular, vegetables less so – bean sprouts are considered beyond the pale by my children!

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