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Three things I’m loving this week

Sarah Raven Flowers

Have you been enjoying the heatwave? This week has been all about ice lollies, eating outside and long balmy evenings. Sure, it’s got a bit too hot at times, but I love the way it makes life feel so different – it’s like being transported to the tropics in the comfort of your own garden.

The days take on a completely different hue. There’s something so joyful and timeless about watching your children’s faces as they run through the sprinkler; or the chilled-out feeling of watching the sun go down on the longest day of the year.

So, what have I been loving during this most tropical of weeks?

Working from home

Summer is definitely one of the times that working from home comes into its own. My house is cool and I can have the windows open. My commute is whizzing back from the school-run on my bike, the breeze cooling my face. When I take my coffee break, I get to potter round my garden picking flowers. This week I’ve been feeling incredibly lucky that I have the opportunity to do this. Making freelance writing and blogging my job is a dream that’s been a long time coming.

Cats, flowers and window

Being a mermaid 

During a heatwave I love having a really cool bath – it’s so soothing and calming after a long hot day. This week I’ve been trying the lovely bath soak from Living Sea Therapy*. It’s made with Cornish seaweed and minerals and smells amazing thanks to twelve essential oils –  including mandarin, ginger and eucalyptus. It’s been perfect this week!

Living Sea Therapy

Living Sea Therapy

The cold shoulder top 

This is a new style for me, and every time I wear it I have that Adele song stuck in my head. Sales are a great way to try a
new trend and I picked up this lovely top  in Oliver Bonas – reduced from £45 to £15. I really love it – it’s laid-back but feels more special than a tee.

The cold shoulder top

This week I’ve also been…

Watching…. Girl Boss on Netflix. Loved it!

Reading… Harry Potter (the Half Blood Prince), perfect escapism for crazy times.

Drinking… Adnam’s Ghost Ship and Camden Hells Lager – both perfect for hot weather!

What have you been loving this week? Do you wilt in the heat, or lap it up?

* Living Sea Therapy kindly sent me this product to try 

Three things I’m loving this week

English peonies

The second week of May has been a bit hit and miss, hasn’t it? At the start of the week the weather was still disappointingly chilly, and the news is so hopelessly gloomy (the image of Teresa May driving the country over a cliff springs to mind).

Anyway, you have to find your happiness where you can, don’t you? The other Ms May, pulled her socks up by the middle of week and gave us a few days of warm sunshine. So, I’ve been smiling whenever I can and enjoying these simple pleasures:

Finally getting to wear a new pair of sandals

The first day of sandals always feels the start of good things to come. I always go to my local New Look every spring and choose something new – they do the best range of affordable sandals and never disappoint! Here’s this year’s choice! I’ve just seen online that they’re also available in shiny pink and blue. Very tempting.

Silver sandals

Going crazy for peonies

I love watching the seasons change through flowers. I always buy mine from the market every Thursday and it’s always a pleasure going along to see what’s new. This week I bought my first bunch of English peonies and have eagerly followed their progress – from tight, enigmatic buds to a puddle of petals on the table.

English peonies

Eating asparagus from Norfolk

Another simple pleasure provided by the market. I recommend it with a poached egg and smoked mackerel for a delicious lunch! Like the peonies, enjoy it while you can.

Norfolk asparagus

What else have I loved?

Listening to this album by Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White on repeat.

Reading The Improbability of Love by Hannah Rothschild

Watching the second series of Versailles on BBC2. Guilty pleasure.

What have you been loving this week?

And one last thing…It would totally make my day (year?) if some of you lovely people would like to nominate me in the Inspire category of the Britmum’s Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2017!

Three things I’m loving this week

Crab apple blossom

According to the weather man on my radio this morning the weather this week is going to feel more like January than late April. The news is pretty dreary too. Whatever. My internal barometer is still firmly set to spring.

So, let’s not talk weather or politics (for now), let’s embrace the sweetness and light. 

T-shirts that do the talking

I haven’t worn a slogan t-shirt since the 1990s. And until recently I wasn’t in a hurry to wear one again. But there’s no denying they’re having a bit of a thing at the moment. I snapped up this gorgeous grey t-shirt from Joanie Clothing, which is perfect for spring. It makes me think of coffee, pancakes and sunny weekend mornings.

Joanie clothing t shirt

Fresh new scent

While I was (child-free) at the airport the other week I bought a bottle of Earl Grey and Cucumber cologne from Jo Malone. It’s really fresh and summery – sweet, but not cloying. It’s quite light, so I’m enjoying squirting clouds of it over myself at every opportunity. I prefer the smaller size bottles as I can never commit to choosing a huge bottle.

Jo Malone Earl grey and cucumber cologne

The sweetness of apple blossom

The cherry blossom may be blowing off the trees, but the fun isn’t over yet. Now it’s the turn of all the apple blossom. It doesn’t just look splendid, it smells it too. Go sniff a branch, it’s the essence of spring.

Apple blossom

What are you loving this week?

Three things I’m loving this week

Spring blooms

I think we can now say that spring has sprung, can’t we? I’m sitting here typing with the window open, birds singing outside. When the sun comes out it actually feels warm – it’s a tantalising glimpse of things to come. 

The prettiness of early spring has inspired me to shrug off my winter clothes and buy a few new things. Perky little purchases, that don’t cost much but make me feel really happy.

These rose gold trainers are a case in point. They’re shiny, bright and cheerful. Feeling unsure about the current gold trend? At £12, these trainers are a great way to dip your toe into the water.

Rose gold trainers by Peacocks

Spring is also a great time to try a new fragrance. As the days get lighter, I like my perfume to feel brighter and fresher. I’ve recently discovered Liz Earle’s botanical fragrances. I was given a set to try for Christmas and they’re great for layering over each other. I struggle to find perfumes which are light, but last all day. These do. My absolute favourite is Botanical Essence No9. It’s hard to explain a fragrance, but I’d recommend you go and try a sample in John Lewis.

Liz Earle fragrances

This week I’ve also been brightening up my brain with a bit of matcha from teapigs. Try swapping your normal latte with a matcha one and see the effects. Matcha powder is made from ground up green tea – so you’re getting all the intensity in one cup. Imagine the kick you get from coffee, times 10. It’s an acquired taste (better when sweetened with honey) and I find it’s best to make a small cup with milk and down it in one. You can find out more here.

Teapigs matcha

I’ve also enjoyed… 

Watching The Replacement on BBC1

Reading W Channel’s wonderful interviews for International Women’s. Including my own!

Drinking Adnam’s Mosaic pale ale – a great beer for spring.

Teapigs were kind enough to send me some matcha to try, but all photos and thoughts are my own. 

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Three things I’m loving this week

Three festive things I'm loving this week

It’s ten days till Christmas and things are starting to look pretty festive round here. Everyone’s been in a nativity play and carols have been sung in the market place. Most Christmas cards have been posted, although I’ve still got a to-do list as long as my arm!

Here’s what been ringing my (jingle) bell this week…

Wreath making at the W channel Christmas party

Wreath making… on Monday I went to a Christmas party organised by W channel. Whilst sipping sloe gin topped up with prosecco, I was lucky enough to be able to make a really beautiful and original wreath. I usually go for simple, informal arrangements (see here), but it was really inspiring to try something very difficult. I swapped my usual holly and ivy for succulents, silver pinecones and twinkly lights. Who’d have ever thought of a succulent on a wreath? But it really works!

Succulent on a Christmas wreath

Christmas books… I love getting out the Christmas books to read to the children every December. This year our favourite is Mog’s Christmas (how could it not be when we now have our own little Mog?). I also love The Christmas Eve Tree and this collection of fun Christmas tales by Enid Blyton.

Favourite children's Christmas books

A new stripy top to add to my collection… I bought this lovely rust coloured breton from the Seasalt shop in Bury St Edmunds. It was my first ever visit to a Seasalt shop (I always shop online) and it was brilliant to see all the clothes and coats together. A lovely shop with great staff and a really nice atmosphere. I’ll be back!

Orange Seasalt sailor top

What are you loving this week?

Three things I’m loving this week…

Wooden heart decoration

Anyone else feel like life is on fast-forward at the moment? I wish I could slow the month down a bit.

This week my eldest has been performing his Christmas play in the evenings and we’ve also managed to squeeze in all sorts of other things like Beavers, haircuts and twinkly light shopping.  I’ve also been whizzing round the house trying to get everything tidied and clutter free before we get the decorations out. But I love Christmas, so all the running around is for a good cause!

Here are three things I’ve loved this week…

Frosty mornings… it’s been quite mild here for the last few days, but back at the beginning of the week we were treated to some beautiful winter scenes. I never grow tired of bright, cold mornings – when every hedge, branch and leaf glitters with frost.

Frosty hedge

History lessons over breakfast… a proper breakfast is so important and the boys have been enjoying Alphabites by BEAR this week. They taste great, but my boys particularly love the cards you get inside the box, which are packed with random historical facts. So far this week we’ve discussed Guy Fawkes, the internet (yes, I’m afraid that is classed as history now) and the bubonic plague. All before 9am!

BEAR Alpha Bites

A little bit of Christmas creeping into the house… We haven’t got a tree yet, but I’m enjoying watching little festive bits creep into the house. Christmas cards, a bright red poinsettia and twinkly fairy lights.

Fairy lights

What have you been loving this week?

Three things I’m loving this week


I’ve had a really busy week – with visits to Norwich, London and Cambridge – and barely had time to draw breath. I’ll be sharing more about what I’ve been up to on here next week, but for now, here are a few things that have made me happy this week.

A mini-splurge at & Other Stories. This is only the second time I’ve visited & Other Stories as my nearest one is in London. This week I had a browse in their lovely store on Argyle Street (just off Oxford Street). The clothes are nice, but what I really like are their beautiful selection of make-up, jewellery and beauty products.

A mini splurge at & Other Stories

The fragrances are wonderful and – bonus –  I can actually afford them. I bought the Fig Fiction body mist (£5), a tinted lip balm (£7), nail varnish (£5) and some really pretty earrings (£10). This week I re-pierced my second ear piercings (a bit ouch, but worth it) and these new ones look great paired with simple studs.


Hugh the Christmas bear. This week we’ve all fallen a little in love with a very lovable bear called Hugh. His arms are wide enough to give you proper bear hug, and his festive knitwear is very snuggly.

Hugh the 2016 Harrods bear

Every year Harrods bring out a new bear for Christmas. It’s a bit of a tradition and I’m sure he’ll be loved in this house for years to come. Find your own Hugh here.

Hugh the 2016 Harrods bear

Tea and cake. This week I had a wonderful, traditional afternoon tea at the Assembly House in Norwich. The service was impeccable and the food was delicious. I ate far too many sandwiches, cakes, scones – but it was delicious. It would have been a crime to leave any. I’ll be back for more soon!

Afternoon tea at the Assembly House, Norwich

One last thing: don’t forget it’s Stir-up Sunday this weekend! I’ll be making the same cake as last year. 

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A big thank you to Harrods for sending Hugh to live with us. 

Three things I’m loving this week


A new coat… a classic camel coloured coat has been on my radar for a while. I spotted this one in New Look and fell in love with it – and the price, which was only £34.99. It’s maybe not the thickest coat ever, but it’s lined and about right for autumn weather. Plus, you can fit a thick jumper under it. New Look have got some really great buys this season and I love that they’re still an affordable stalwart of the British high street. I’ve been going in there for twenty years and still find things I want to buy.

New Look Autumn 16 camel coat

Water… now the weather’s cooler down I’ve noticed my skin is looking really dry and pallid.  I’m hoping that drinking more water (and less wine) will help a bit. Recently I was sent this neat little  Fill&Go drinking bottle from Brita. It filters water as you drink, and I’ve been enjoying having it on my desk when I’m working from home, and in my bag when I’m out and about. The novelty of a new bottle does wonders when it comes to reminding me to drink more. I’m also drinking hot blackcurrant squash this week. So, life’s really rock and roll round here. I’m yet to succeed with drinking less wine. Maybe I’ll worry about that in January.

Brita Fill and Go

Getting to know my cats… I can’t tell you how wonderful it is having animals in the house again. I never pictured myself as a cat owner, but I’m so, so glad I got over that particular hurdle. Mog and Tabby are really great company and getting to know them has been really fun so far. They seem to be enjoying getting to know me too and let’s just say they’re learning very quickly how to get me to do exactly what they want.

Tabby cat

What are you enjoying this week? 


Three more things I’m loving this summer…

Summer picnics at Marmalade Pie

Lazy, hazy picnic days… I love a picnic at any time of year, but it’s always going to be particularly lovely in the summer. Lolling on the picnic rug, sausage roll in hand, the sun on your face…it doesn’t get much better in my opinion. Except maybe if someone brings a packet of Cherry Bakewells too.

Lazy, hazy, picnic days

Liz Earle lavender and rose hot cloth cleanser… A new twist on the their classic face wash, exclusive to John Lewis. I love the scent of lavender and rose, so I was very happy to switch my usual bottle for one of these. I think my skin looks better too, or maybe that’s just the lovely warm weather.

Liz Earle lavender and rose face wash

The Outlander novels… I’m a bit bereft now season two has finished, so I’m reading the books to make up for it. A bit silly and bodice-ripping at times, but I love it nevertheless! Especially in a deckchair with a glass of Pimm’s.


Flask and lunch box both available now in my online shop!

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Three things I’m loving this summer…

summer flower posy: larkspur, sweet pea, rose, daisy

I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your notice that summer is finally here! And isn’t it all the sweeter for the long wait? Here are some things I’m loving so far…

My garden… We’ve worked particularly hard on it this year and it’s really paying off. The rose arch is already looking beautiful, and my bigger border is a delight which just keeps on giving. I love pottering out there, deadheading and gathering little posies.


Peas in the pod… Tom grew these from seed and is enormously proud of them. You’re never going to get a massive harvest of peas from half a dozen plants, but it’s still worth it. Watching them grow and the pods burst out and swell is such fun for children and adults alike. You don’t even need to cook them, they taste best eaten straight out of the pod on a warm day.

peas in the pod

Pimm’s… or when the budget won’t stretch, a bottle of Austins from Aldi. Once you’ve chucked a load of fruit in I’m not sure you can tell the difference. My personal favourite way to have it is with cloudy lemonade, ice, lemon, mint and a handle of frozen berries. The current bottle is sinking alarmingly quickly.

PImms and lemonade

What have you been loving this week?

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